Why Car Dealers Want You to Buy New

Deciding whether to purchase a new or pre-owned automobile can be difficult. Discussing your decision with car dealers can help you better understand the pros and cons of each option. Though both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, buying new can save you money through advancements in energy and fuel efficiency. Most new cars come equipped with ingenious new technologies that can enhance and enrich your driving experience. Buying new alleviates any concerns about the history or poor condition of a used vehicle. Additionally, interest rates are generally lower on new cars. Here are a few reasons why buying new can often be the best choice.


Computer processors have had an unprecedented effect on the innovation of the auto industry. Manufacturers have implemented incredible new technology to keep you and your family safe on the road. These are just a few of the features currently available:

-Stability and handling control
-Blind spot observation
-Backup cameras
-Lane-change notifications

Fuel and Energy Efficiency

Fuel-efficient vehicles have been on the market for a few years, but soon they may be the industry standard. By 2016, federal regulations on fuel efficiency are set to increase from 27.5 to 39 MPG. Those who expect to put a lot of mileage on their vehicle can potentially balance the extra costs of buying new with increased savings in gas expense. Electric vehicles are also on the rise. These autos are capable of saving an exponential amount in fuel costs and are in high demand, making them much easier to purchase new than used.

Peace of Mind

Buying from used car dealers can be risky. The unclear history of a used vehicle can cast doubts in a consumer’s mind. Most people buy used with the intention of selling or trading in for another used model years later. Rather than worrying about the extent of the previous owner’s abuse, buying a new car assures you that your vehicle’s condition is your responsibility alone. Routine maintenance and careful driving will keep your odometer rolling past 100,000 miles. Keeping your vehicle in good condition will diminish the inaugural taxes and loss of depreciation, averaging the total cost closer to buying used in the first place.

Financing and Resale

Most people choose to buy used due to depreciation of value. However, vehicles in high demand normally have a higher resale price. Recognition of a brand’s quality and reliability can diminish the amount of depreciation. Additionally, used cars may initially cost less but come with a higher interest rate on monthly payments. Car dealers will offer much lower interest rates and better financing on new models.

Buying new has many advantages, but smart shoppers will always compare and contrast their options to find the best choice. Making the most economical decision possible ensures satisfaction with your purchase. Assessing your needs and budget will make the purchasing process relatively simple. Buy new if you have the means to afford an automobile that takes advantage of the latest in safety technology and fuel economy.

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Gas Savings Are In Sight

Individuals and families living in the city, suburb, or a rural area all know that paying for high prices for fuel is unavoidable. Public transportation and biking may be options for some, but those with a long commute have no choice. Although we all may claim to look for the car with the best mileage, we’re mostly looking out for the store with the lowest prices. Some even go out of their way to pump at the cheapest place. This may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes, it just needs to be done. Things, however, are looking up. The economy is growing and there are some great tips for finding a cheaper way out.

Lately, the economy has grown exponentially in terms of consumer spending. Right now, we’re seeing the fastest pace of spending by the consumer since 2006. This is uplifting for consumers, but it also allows room for a wide range of prices from different vendors. According to the notion of supply and demand, companies can increase their profits by upping the price during high traffic times like the holidays or summer. Buyers need to take their gas savings into their own hands.

The national average is $2.04 a gallon at the moment, which is down 45% from the peak in 2014 of $3.70 a gallon. To receive many more benefits, however, consumers are taking advantage of rewards clubs and memberships. Your neighborhood grocery store likely has a membership available, and, depending on how much you purchase in the store, you’re eligible for savings at the pump. There are also some major chains that have their own stations in the parking lots for their customers to use.

Finally, savvy shoppers are putting their phone to work for their fuel as well. The app, GasBuddy, is gaining popularity along with several other similar applications. Just as you would use a rewards app for discounts and specials in other locations such as restaurants and shops, GasBuddy allows you to find gas savings in your area. At first, you will see the prices listed by distance, but you can filter the list to show your options by price, from least to most expensive. This may force you to go a little out of your way, but sometimes it is worth the trip.

To truly get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to be a smart shopper. Use all of the memberships and clubs you can along with a gas-savings app to see huge benefits. Perhaps you can take a road trip this summer with all of your savings!

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Let Car Dealers Ease the Stress of Buying a New Ride

Buying a new ride can be a frustrating experience. So many options are before you: makes, models, financing, prices-this list goes on and on. Rather than embark upon this journey alone, let car dealers help you out and get you behind the wheel of a vehicle you will ultimately love!


As soon as you step foot on a lot, a sales associate will be there to greet you. Immediately inform them of what kind of vehicle you are looking for, such as an SUV, truck, or sedan. Don’t forget to tell car dealers exactly what your budget is. It’s a good idea to tell them your limit is a few thousand less than you are actually willing to pay, so you are more likely to have them choose automobiles that are realistically within your financial allowance.


You likely don’t have all the funds you need to buy a new ride outright, and this is an avenue where car dealers really shine. They can help you fill out a form for loan approval, either with their in-house financing or with local banks that they work with. As you go through paperwork, make sure you have set aside hours in your day to get approved, since you can halt the buying process by having to return the next day. Your associate will also need to know what funds you have to use as a down payment so they can help you get the cheapest rate possible. If you have less than stellar credit, be honest-your salesperson needs to know this so they can assist you in getting difficult financing.


Once you’ve purchased your new automobile, you want to make sure you have some kind of guarantee your ride will perform well. Car dealers don’t stop their relationship with you just because you’ve driven off the lot; they check up with you to make sure your ride is running like it should. Whether you have a warranty that protects you for several miles or years, or you have the guarantee of an in-house mechanic, you should know that you can give them a call if anything goes wrong with your auto. They will work with local mechanics and the company that issues warranties to make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Friendly Trade-in

Should you choose to trade in any of your vehicles in the future, car dealers who have done business with you in the past will love to have your service again. You can experience top-dollar rewards for your trade in and can land yourself behind the wheel of another cool vehicle that you love.

If you hate shopping for autos, then let friendly staff at dealerships and lots help you out. They can make your experience much more enjoyable, and help you get into the right vehicle for your own needs.

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